Ayurveda treatment for Obesity: Embracing Ayurveda treatment in Sydney

By Admin Nov 1, 2023

Since your childhood, you have been bullied for your weight, size and shape. Well, after scrolling you hear and read about Ayurveda and Ayurvedic treatment for obesity and overweight. Seemingly, as it suggests Ayurveda is something which is holistic in nature and uses a variation of different herbal and medicinal concoctions. There are several Ayurveda products in Sydney and other places as well. In the following article, we shall be exploring in detail Ayurvedic treatment for obesity and overweight which will help you through. 


What is Obesity? The take of Ayurveda

Obesity as we know is any human person exuberating excessive weight and transcriptions. However, the take of Ayurveda on overweight and obesity is different. This can be said that the Ayurveda line of treating the trouble of being overweight begins with kapha dosha and its innate pacification. Ayurveda, further examines that by cleaning medovahi channels through cleansing herbs can act as a susceptible way of treating the condition of being overweight. You can say that Ayurvedic treatment for obese overweight inmates treats the problem of the overweight by laying emphasis on kapha-aggravating foods. 

Ayurvedic treatment for obesity

In this section of the article, we shall be exploring all ideas of holistic approaches and methodologies of Ayurvedic treatment which can be used to treat Ayurvedic treatment for obesity overweight. 

  • Dietary changes: As we all know Ayurvedic treatment for obesity overweight  can be cured by making some changes in the diet. While analyzing Ayurveda treatment one should make some changes in the diet. While saying this it is needless to mention that there are some diet alternations and inclusion of food items like feto hari vati, which is a concoction of the Medodhar Vidang, Fennel, Celery Fenugreek extract, Cumin extract, Premna extract which helps you with reducing and breaking down the body fat components. In addition to this, the incorporation of spices, like turmeric, cumin and gooseberry as munching snacks can help you to improve your metabolism and at the same time help you to reduce weight.


  • Physical exercise: Ayurvedic treatment for obesity and overweight also involves some of the most exquisite exercises, body movements and stretches. One of these is Yoga. Yoga helps you not only to reduce stress, but it also helps, you to increase the flow of blood and makes your body much more flexible. For example, Vyaayaama is a useful exercise that can be done to increase the levels of oxygen and give you the perfect healthy lifestyle you have been looking for. So now you see that physical exercise like yoga will help you reduce that excessive medovahi. 


  • Lifestyle changes and incorporation of herbal concoctions: Some of the lifestyle changes that you might as well want to include in your diet. Ayurvedic treatment for obesity overweight, can be treated with the help of the dietary and consumption of herbal concoctions is a must. Which included Ambla juice, and consumption of Triphala powered. Cabbage is your best friend, yes, you read it right. This can be the case that you hate cabbage, but the tartaric acid will help you with all the conversions, by converting the sugar and carbohydrates in the form of different kinds of energy resources. In addition to this, bibhitaka, amla and guggul are other herbs which can be used for your ultimate fitness journey and get you a long way through. 


  • Mental Stimulation: It is a well-known fact that our physical heath is directly linked to our mental wellness. Hence, Ayurvedic treatment for obesity overweight also focuses on the holistic wellbeing of the individual. It goes into the root of the problem and looks ta stimulating the mind as well the body.

Ayurvedic products used in Sydney

At this point, you might as well look at the products and procedures which can be used as treatment procedures for obesity and overweight.

  • Home remedies: Some of the treatments and Ayurvedic products in Sydney can be used for the Ayurvedic treatment of obesity and overweight. These could be used by mixing various herbs together and formulating some recovery concoctions. Like, a very old concoction for reducing weight is lemon juice and honey. This is a traditional yet homely recipe which can be used for reducing and managing your weight. 


  • Ayurvedic clinics: As suggestive to its name, these clinics are centres where you visit and get probable Ayurvedic solutions for your body weight.


  • Professional Consultation: Maybe home remedies are not really working for you. So what would you do in this case? You would probably visit the nearest Ayurvedic clinic and get the treatment tailor-made and personalized.  

Final thoughts

 While concluding and wrapping up this article, we can see that Ayurvedic treatment for obesity overweight can be used to reduce and manage your over-weight density. Following the above recipes, Ayurveda Products Sydney, concoctions and other recipes can help you overcome the issue which has been impacting you for very too long.


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