Locals’ Picks for the Greatest Dishes in New Orleans

To share their love of their favorite meals, we spoke with our social media and editorial teams, local chefs, influencers, food writers, musicians, and more. The one dish that sticks out above all others is the bites that reside rent-free in their heads, but they persist in the face of difficulties. The food scene in New Orleans has to try these dishes from this culinary roadmap for the upcoming year. Waiting around for what? Arrange your DTW flights from Detroit to New Orleans, gather your belongings, and enjoy a weekend with your dear ones.

Heard Dat Kitchen’s Bourbon Street Love

Heard Dat Kitchen has comfortable crawfish sauce, creamy mac, and exquisite boneless fried chicken. Delicious dishes such as crispy chicken, creamy macaroni, and cozy crawfish sauce are available for pickup at a fair price. The dishes are unparalleled in their passion and attention.

Broussard’s oysters from Broussard’s

A favorite brunch item is the Oysters Broussard, which consists of flawlessly fried oysters topped with creamed spinach, bacon, and aioli sauce. With bacon adding even more flavor and all the flavors coming together, it’s the ideal appetizer or starter to start your meal.

Cuban Sandwich with Guava Pastele from Que Pasta NOLA

A delightful combination of sweet pastry and savory pork, gammon, and cheese is found in Que Pasta’s guava pastel Cuban sandwich. With inventive fusion dishes like this guava pastel Cuban sandwich, which showcases the ideal balance of sweet and savory flavors, Chef Amanda pays homage to her Cuban and Honduran origins.

Afrodisiac’s Jerk Nachos

One of my favorite restaurants, Afrodisiac NOLA, blends two of my favorite meal types: Creole and Jamaican. Their jerk chicken nachos, which are created with freshly fried chips, mango salsa, and homemade jerk sauce, are delicious to me. Another favorite is the Jamaican fish sandwich with green plantain fries and escovitch sauce. A euphoric experience is created by the cuisine, beverages, visuals, music, fragrances, and patio wind.

The Chloe Restaurant’s Roasted Lemonfish

A crucial component of the Gulf catch dish cobia is sweet crab meat. It’s a chic and modern option that’s enhanced by a honey-gold surface, charred scallion rice, and a rich, thick crab sauce, all of which come together to create a filling and delightful dinner.

Maypop’s Bibb Lettuce Salad

Simple but dramatic, the salad is a masterwork of a restaurant/chef/kitchen, displaying a wealth of knowledge, imagination, and execution to stunning effect. Because of its distinct flavor, this dish—a Maypop favorite—is a must-try.

NOLA Jollof from Dakar

Comfort food staple rice is typically served with grilled prawns and local vegetables like redfish or snapper. This makes for a tasty and spicy meal that is reminiscent of Senegalese and New Orleans staples.


MoPho’s Crispy Chicken Wings with a Ginger and Lemongrass Nuoc Mam Caramel Glaze
With a robust fish sauce, ginger, and Thai chiles for a crispy and tasty bite, Mike Gulotta’s incredible wings are a delicious fusion of Thai flavors.

High Hat Cafe’s Barbecued Shrimp

Before relocating to New Orleans in 2016, the author had never had BBQ prawns, thus they share their experience with it. The version from High Hat Café is the best; it tastes better than any other and comes with a big slice of buttered French bread. Wearing white is discouraged when savoring this untidy New Orleans favorite.

Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29 serves sticky ribs and Sambal Shrimp and grits.

The Louisiana custom combines traditional and tropical flavors, and the ribs are seasoned with a root beer glaze that makes it taste like Chinese food from New York City. With a tropical flair, the prawns and grits with pineapple and tasso make the ideal complement to the vibrant ambiance and beverages. Cheap flights from Detroit to New Orleans make it simple to visit the city, which has a lot of activities and delicious food options.


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