Pest Control London: Restaurant Pest Control Guide

Pest control London: Most common pests found in restaurants


It is a common misconception that only dirty restaurants get cockroach infestation. It is not true. Even the cleanest restaurants and dining places in London face cockroach infestation. These pesky creatures enter through holes and gaps in the building or even through food deliveries. 


Rats and Mice

As an old saying goes, you are never more than 6 feet from rats. Sadly, this statement is true for food businesses. Rodents pose a significant threat to any restaurant as they carry deadly diseases. Rodents contaminate the food and spread diseases. They have been known for destroying cables and brickwork, thus causing costly damages to the restaurant buildings. 



Nothing is worse than enjoying a good comfort meal in your favourite restaurant but haunting yourself with flies. Pest control Ealing companies say flies are more than irritants; they can be incredibly dangerous as they carry numerous disease-causing microorganisms. 


Pest Control London: How Can You Identify that You Have Pest Infestation? 

If you own a restaurant in London, you must recognise early signs of pests so that you can take immediate action before the condition worsens. Please do so to avoid breaching food safety legislation. Some common signs of pest infestation in your restaurant are: 



Rodent excreta is very easy to spot, and it is the main warning sign of your restaurant being infested by pests, according to pest control Chelsea Services. Droppings left behind other insects are much smaller and may take a long time to identify. 


Foul Odour

Bad smells are the earliest signs of pest infestation. Cockroaches, in particular, are known for their oily and unpleasant smell. 



Rats gnaw on almost everything, so keep an eye on the teeth marks, especially in the poorly lit areas in your restaurant. Rodents also leave grease trailers and marks wherever they go!!


Pest Control London: Tips to keep pests away from your restaurant

Proper Food Storage

Ensure you store all foods in airtight containers to prevent the entry of pests. Pest control London companies suggest keeping the food stored on a surface above the ground level, thus making it harder for pests to access the food. 


Keep waste areas clean.

Dustbins are hot spots for pests. Therefore, it is vital to have a dedicated and secure waste bin storage zone located far away from the dining area in your restaurant. 


Inspection of food Deliveries

Pest Control Edgware companies recommend that restaurant owners in London check their food deliveries constantly. Upon receiving any delivery, you should conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that food and packaging are free from pests. 


Make daily cleaning a routine.

Regular cleaning is the key to keeping the pests away. At the end of each day, all the food preparation surfaces should be deep cleaned and wiped. All the rubbish should be disposed of in bins away from the eating areas. Pest can make a meal out of anything, so you must ensure all the waste food is disposed of properly. 


Consult a Pest firm.

A reliable pest control London company is the simplest way to handle pest infestation in your restaurant. They have special equipment and knowledge that is required to keep your restaurant pest-free and safe. 

If you’ve noticed any signs of an infestation in your restaurant, acting quickly is vital. Pest Control 24 London provides pest control services to several restaurants and commercial kitchens across London. Our knowledgeable team offers an emergency callout service and can be on hand to resolve any issues at a moment’s notice. Give us a call anytime if you need pest control in London.


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